Ján Kováčik

Dear friends, 

Despite of having long-term experience in publishing in other areas, through the AXIS MEDIA company I have for the first time entered the environment of medal production. There have been several reasons for this decision. The topic is going beyond the borders of not only Slovakia but the ones of Europe as well. The genuine work of the academic sculptress Ľudmila Cvengrošová, an admirable and nice artist. The fine text by the Bishop Viliam Judák. The “Popes in history” edition in this range is a unique work in the world. It proves our potential to offer a work eliminating borders through its mission. Literally and metaphorically, too. The fabulous processing of noble metals and miniatures produced with the smallest details possible will for sure attract the interest of antiquarians but also of those interested in this topic. Although this is a limited edition I am convinced that it will be provided to everybody who wants to commemorate significant part of the historical continuity and Christian civilization. I am pleased to have become part of this unique project, and I believe that whether the medals or this lovely book will present a good message on us in the world and on the world in us.